Monday, October 13, 2008

Chase the vanishing spot

Sonny's skin is normally a sombre pink, but of late, it has been playing a cheeky game of hide-and-seek with us.

Before we get to that, we should to note that the little fella boasts a collection of birthmarks and blemishes. These are semi-permanent splotches that - according to our self-justifying conception - give extra character and uniqueness to what would otherwise be a boring expanse of smooth uni-colour. In addition, he is occasionally preyed upon by a mosquito or other insect, leaving a weal that shrinks and disappears after perhaps a day or two.

However, Sonny's skin also tends to display remarkable patterns of red that arise and recede in unpredictable profusion. They flash on and off like crazy traffic lights, or perhaps that should be Christmas lights. Just yesterday, for instance, Pa was picking the little fella up after an afternoon snooze when he saw unusually intense splashes of red discolouring Sonny's face. Pa stayed calm (in other words, he didn't begin to run around in circles while gibbering like a clown). It must have been the amazing aura of calm he exuded that brought Mum and the young 'un's grandmother running. Yet, once again, the redness had begun to recede within 30 minutes. Instead, rebel patches began to sprout up elsewhere on Sonny's body - on the back of his neck, for instance, or near his thighs.

We've since established that these fleeting visitations usually cluster around the time Sonny is waking up from a nap, or a period of exertion on his day mattress. It is not unusual in young babies, his grandmother opined. Perhaps it's just the result of his sensitive skin rubbing against fabric, we determined. Nothing serious seems to follow, so we'll just be keeping a watch on whether the redness lingers longer over time, or begins to cover larger surfaces of skin. But if things stay as they are, we can live with the changing colour display.

No skin off our nose. Or Sonny's, really.