Tuesday, May 20, 2008

It's curtains after technical faults

Of late, there's been a riot of technical problems - the sort of stumblings that come with learning, or so we tell ourselves.

Take this new blog. Anyone who's (unaccountably) been reading or subscribing might have noticed mysterious repostings, feed disruptions or an intermittent rain of ads. We are technologically-challenged folk; there will be more bloopers. Sheepish apologies, therefore, to all affected: Anyone who points out more flaws will be doing us a kindness.

At home, meanwhile, we've had Mum happily breastfeeding by an open window, blissfully unaware of potential over-exposure - and we're not referring to the stiff breeze blowing in from the sea. Sure, the suckling child is a beautiful sight, but we admit that not everyone wants a ringside seat. Pa too has had his less-than-sterling moments, like the time he let Sonny's neck snap backwards like a rubber band. There have been too-slow-to-rediaper catastrophes, various leakages... the list could go on.

It all bespeaks the new elements to our lives that need to be fully integrated. These are exciting developments, and grappling with them can be deeply gratifying. Yet the corollary, so easily generalised as to be almost trite, still bears stating. Where other people are affected - child, neighbours or readers - there is a responsibility to do right by them. At least as far as possible.

Like remembering, sometimes, to draw the curtains.