Monday, June 9, 2008

Pregnancy perks extended

Like a shopper who's nabbed an especially good bargain, Mum's been feeling pretty pleased with herself lately.

First, a dirty little secret: During her pregnancy, she had become increasingly steamed at seat-hogging commuters on trains who ignored the claims of women with bulging bellies. Indeed, when confronted with smug youngsters staring through her as though transparent, she had even begun snapping surreptitious cellphone camera shots of the offenders.

Her plan? To start a blog dedicated to exposing the inconsiderate to the ridicule of the world.

The project never debuted - and some people did offer Mum their seats at various times. But these last couple of days, she has been delighted to discover that, even after the birth of her child, the perks of pregnancy - as she sees it - could still be enjoyed.

On the train, people are still rising from their seats to offer them to her. Now, of course, she has a sarong across her torso, with Sonny peeking sleepily out. And this seems to have made her even more noticeable than when she was in the family way! (And Pa? Oddly enough, when he hoists Sonny on his baby knapsack, nobody much gives him a second glance.)

These little gimmes may not mean much in the larger scheme of things. Yet perhaps they not only brighten one's day, but serve to reaffirm the essential goodness of humanity... Oh, what nonsense.

It's just that everyone just enjoys a bargain!


Anonymous said...

Mums get the 5-star treatment in our corner of China but yup, Hubby doesn't get a free seat either!

I wonder why?

Cloudsters said...

Mum: Goodness, it's been so long since this post came out, I've actually forgotten what it was like to be pregnant!... including the royal treatment. Sigh.