Friday, August 8, 2008

Our cheery neighbourhood

Think United Nations and throw in handfuls of babies bawling in the background, and you'd pretty much have a mental picture of our neighbourhood.

Our little apartment is getting a little cramped, with baby items peeking out of every cranny. But we'd be loath to move for a couple of reasons. First, life is always boring if everything around you is cookie-cutter similar. Well, we can't complain as to the international flavour of our neighbours. For some reason, we seem to have crammed in representatives of a dozen or more lands into our small 300-family condo community. We've folks from Eastern Europe and Western Europe, Indians, Malaysians and Singaporeans, Chinese, Filipinos, Koreans and so on. Not that we're necessarily in and out of each other's homes, and the urban tendency to avert one's eyes is alive and well too. But for all that, it's a cheery microcosm of the increasingly 'globalised' world: Some handy early exposure for Sonny.

Then there are the babies. Every household on our floor has had an addition to the family in the last year (no exaggeration here). There are young children scampering out of every doorway and splashing into the pool. In the mornings, mothers cradling babies jostle for space in the common spaces downstairs, so there's always someone's baby to tickle, mothering tips to be exchanged and sly comments to be whispered. Sonny will not want for playmates, and we parents will form a pooled resource for help and reassurance when things get hairy.

Could we want for more, as neighbourhoods go? Inevitably, there are black sheep about. Someone dumped glue out their window perhaps two years ago, some of which ended up disfiguring the pane in our back bedroom - and which we can't get at to clean off. We did have a problem of neighbours leaving bulky items out on the shared lift landing (as blogged about in 'Too much, these cluttersome neighbours'), but a circular was sent round by the condo management and the offending family suddenly moved, so that problem is now in the past.

Overall, if this were a grade school class, we'd give our little community a 'B+', with 'A' within grasp. Anyone else living in especially interesting communities?


Anonymous said...

How lucky for your child to live in such a neighborhood! When I was a child, I lived on a block in a development that had 56 children under 12 and we always had a playmate. We had shows,played school, kick the can... very fond memories and all because we lived on such a block. One thing we didn't have though was the diversity. What a lucky bonus for you all.

Anonymous said...

thanks for comment - yes, it is VHS on alien screen - I did mention it was an old piece of art work.

I would like to know if we could exchange links - i place you on my fav list and vise versa?

thank you.

Cloudsters said...

Yep, Nona Nita, we lucked out. If we move to someplace a little closer to town centre, with a bit more space or better schools, there's every chance that we'd lose that diversity.

Hey Yuthink, we only have this one parenting-centric blog, so we'd rather the blogroll kept to the theme too. Thanks for the prod though, we've sort of neglected it for a while... Refreshing needed.