Friday, September 19, 2008

Interviewed by The Malay Mail

Over a month ago, we were interviewed via e-mail by Malaysia's The Malay Mail for their Blogspot column. We hereby suspend our fruitless efforts to post a facsimile of the hard-copy interview, which had some nice visuals, and reproduce below the text (which you can also access by clicking here) with the newspaper's kind permission:

Newbie parents, newbie bloggers
By GABEY GOH July 29, 2008 Categories: Blogspot

THE first step into parenthood is marked by a multitude of decisions to be made – a process many would agree will have no true end. A husband-and-wife blogging combo based in Singapore, who go by the simple names of “Mum and Pa”, delve into this area in their blog, Mum’s the Word (or Pa) (http://mumsthewordorpa. They chronicle their journey with insight and wit, infused with the exhausted joy felt by many first-time parents. The trials and tribulations of parenting has never had a more entertaining voice.

How and when did you start to blog?
Our son was born about three months ago, around the time we were sort of casting around for a project to keep the old brain cells from dying out prematurely. So you could say the stars aligned themselves. Mum’s the Word (or Pa) went live about two weeks after Sonny arrived. As readers will realise, it’s not purely about our experiences with Sonny; we also use these as a lens through which to write about other things that interest us, or would interest parents. Our casual readership seems to be in the range of... well, let’s just say that, some days, it can seem that we’re writing for ourselves, which was never the idea. But other times, there’ll be spikes in readership, and folks will even leave comments, which can make our day.

What have you achieved through blogging?

Well, another reason we wanted to blog was so we could meet other folks, and that’s happened. The most remarkable encounter has been the incredible blogging grandmother, who can be found at http://blog.nonanitasnook. com/. We also wanted to transmit some of the things we’d hopefully learnt as parents, and occasionally, from the comments we get, that’s happened too. This includes not just the anxieties but also the funny side of parenting, which has often recharged us as diapers flew and infant screaming crested. But we’re very, very new to both parenting and blogging; there’s no being egotistical about it: We’ve benefited far more from advice received and ideas gleaned from other blogs than we’ve been able to convey to others by way of parenting tips and the like.

The “Blogosphere”. What does it mean to you?

It’s like the ‘Soup of the Day’ at a restaurant. It changes every day, not just the ingredients but sometimes the way they are combined. The blogosphere is such a rapidly changing thing; something happens and bloggers rush in to give their spin on it. Keeps it exciting. It’s also a restaurant where everyone sees himself as being on a first-name basis with the chef, since bloggers tend to wear their personalities on their sleeves, and the ‘Comment’ button allows feedback loops and discussion to flow. Which is all to the good.

Tips for newbies who want to blog?
Well, newbie to newbie, we’d say you shouldn’t just sign up and start bashing out stuff. Have a little think-through over what your blog is going to be about: There should be some minimal thematic coherence, unless you think your daily thoughts on all topics at once, are of such vast interest. Set yourself some targets (a post every day, or three days) and keep to it, since by all accounts the great majority of blogs peter out after two months or so, and we wouldn’t want to be deprived of your subtle thinking so quickly, do we?


Mumsgather said...

Congratulations.... Whoot! Where's the champayne? Hehe.

BTW, I think you guys should start a blog for yourselves and keep that separate from this blog for Sonny. You could do a "He Says, She Says" blog about marriage and relationships. Now, that would be interesting. ;)

zewt said...

i have yet to answer to that e-mail. this gabey works till 1am!! pity him....

i think i will only reply once i tone down my political posts... :)

anyway congrats!

Cloudsters said...

Cheers, Mumsgather. Interesting idea, this he-said/she-said concept of yours...

You're right, Zewt: Gabey of The Malay Mail seemed to primarily be online only after midnight! Real nice person... and not a bad gig, really, surfing blogs and buttonholing bloggers.

Anonymous said...

Wow, u got interviwed by malay mail.

Anonymous said...


Glad you liked the article =) and yes I usually work late.
Just like to point out... Gabey = Gabrielle (I'm female :P)



Cloudsters said...

Cheers, 3point8.

And thanks again for the write-up, Gabey. Don't work too hard now (there's always another report to get out and always a deadline about to expire... we should know!)