Friday, May 15, 2009

A stroll too far

It's been a long while since we last posted, thanks to the flu breaching our family defences. But Sonny has fully recovered and seems raring for another stroll.

Stroll, you say? Remembering, of course, that the little fella can't actually walk more than a few steps?

Well, actually, Mum and Pa 'helped out'. Several days ago, we ventured to one of Singapore's ubiquitous night markets and bought a pair of little shoes. We slipped them onto Sonny's feet, then lowered him to the ground - one arm per parent - so that he was standing upright. He didn't need any time to orient himself. We trotted off in the direction of the library, all three of us, and he was cackling with glee. It was his first shod trod!

A few minutes later, we had to hurriedly remove the shoes. Not because they were too tight or were causing discomfort, but because Sonny was trying much too hard to lick them as though they were lollipops fresh from the fridge. Which led us to this stunning realisation: Everything is food to a one-year-old. Any object, however much it may be associated with various activities (counting, walking, bashing, et cetera) also doubles as a snack.

That said, the Sonny we know today is actually an improved model from the Sonny of just a few months ago. Back then, the scamp would simply slobber and chomp at anything that came into range - to the exclusion of all other forms of exploration. Slipper? Yum. Piano pedal? Gnaw gnaw. Pa's finger? Bite. You get the idea. Nowadays, however, a broader approach is being taken. He'll fiddle, twist, manipulate and dismantle with glee for some time - then, only as a sort of grand finale, move in for a bit of gobbling.

Anyway, Sonny's spending more and more time upright these days (especially over at the infant care centre, or so we're told) and he's swaying toddlings are becoming more confident by the day. So, as a sort of 'opposed gauge', we're expecting his need to chomp to correspondingly dwindle. At that rate, by the time he is a steady walker, he will have begun to reserve his sprouting teeth almost exclusively for what his parents would acknowledge as 'real food'.

We can't wait.


Shirley said...

Hee hee hee! Hv not popped by yr blog for sme time now. Yr're still as good a read as before!
Yup! I agree with you that anything is fodder for the little one-yr old. She eats evrythg and I have given up trying to stop her. Usually, I just let her eat. Hahahaha! Terrible mummy you say! I have even found remains of a bug in her mouth! Well, protien, they say.... Just recently, she smacked a huge cockraoch and crippled its back legs enough for mummy to grab the insecticide and kill the disgusting thingy. Lucky I saw it
b4 she decided to put THAT into her mouth!! Yucks!!

Cloudsters said...

Nice to hear from you again, Shirley! The regularity with which we post has gone down a bit, but we're trying to keep the flame sputtering on.

Looks like you've got an unsalaried little insect exterminator on your hands. Not bad, really... despite the primitive technologies (teeth, hands) employed.