Sunday, July 27, 2008

Stolen moments with Sonny

Pa doesn't get a lot of face time with Sonny these days, so he'll take any he can find - even if it means talking to a groggy baby. Funny how our son is always nodding off when Pa's about (see '"Oh, will nothing wake him?"').

Each morning, Pa ferries Sonny to the infant care centre at about 7:30 am, where he is cared for until 7 pm, when Mum races home from work to pick him up. Pa's peculiar job hours mean he only gets back around midnight, by which time wife and baby are snoring peacefully side-by-side. Well, Sonny doesn't really snore, but makes occasional whimpering sounds.

This leaves the short trot from our home to the infant care centre. Most times, Sonny is half-asleep at best, so Pa's attempts at small talk tend to go somewhat like this:

Pa (exiting our apartment with Sonny in one arm and the house key in the other): Alright, Sonny, we're off again.
Sonny: Hmmph [eyes closed].
Pa: Now we're getting into the lift. Hope we don't plunge downward when the cables break, eh?
Sonny: Hmmph.
Pa (crossing our little neighbourhood park and jiggling Sonny): Look at the flowers and the trees. Look at the people doing tai-chi. Look at me. Oi!
Sonny: Hmmph [sways precariously].
Pa (remembering that Sonny seems to like his hideous attempts at a Scottish accent, as reported in 'Who's this Scottish Papa?'): Erm... och, what'd yer say to a wee detour past the basketball court, laddie?
Sonny: Hmmph? [perking up slightly]
Pa: Aye, we've gotta get yer to the ladies at the centre now. Yer have ter behave, or we'll give yer a good hiding, y'hear?
Sonny: Hmmph [eyes clang shut].
Pa (reaching the centre and being greeted by the staff): Alright, wasn't it good to have a wee chat?

At this point, after the handover is effected, Sonny will suddenly revive, attain wakefulness and evince interest in his surroundings.

It's a little insulting really, Pa finds, but tells himself that Sonny is simply comforted to be carried about by his parents.

He's too young to be bored with us yet...

Er, right?


Bunga Sayang said...

you guys are hilarious:) See, parenting isn't so difficult when you've got a good sense of humour about it! Wish you guys could have more time with Sonny though...seems a pity to be away from him all day!

Cloudsters said...

We heartily agree, it is a pity. Sigh. Oh well, thanks for dropping by.