Friday, July 25, 2008

Too much, these cluttersome neighbours!

We are sometimes seized with a nightmarish thought: Could we become like our neighbours?

To explain: Our neighbours have a brace of cute-enough youngsters, a few years older than Sonny, who's in his 14th week. These children are old enough now to pedal training bicycles, 'drive' toy vehicles and venture into the pool using rafts or large inflatable animals as flotation devices.

The problem is, these folks - who seem otherwise decent people - are storing all these bulky items on the lift landing that they share with us and two other families. Right opposite the elevator, there's a procession of bikes and toy cars. Even in the riser that accommodates our water meters, sits a large plastic raft.

Things are made worse by how our other neighbours have responded. No doubt driven to rage by the inappropriate parking, are fighting back: There are now stacked stools and multiple shoe racks littering the landing, which by rights should be kept clear of obstructions. In this tit-for-tat grab for space, slippers and shoes are also tossed every which way.

And all traceable to a few children's toys. As Sonny gets older, we suspect that we'll be buying a few items for him too. But though no doubt the temptation will arise, we have no intention of depositing them anywhere except in our own hall or storage area, though it may clutter things somewhat.

Better that than visiting our chaos on everyone else!



Mumsgather said...

At least they're better than my old neighbours who used to put their rubbish out at the front at night for all to smell. Its too hard for them to take that slight walk to dispose off the rubbish to where they're meant to be.

Shirley said...

Have not visited yr blog for about a week and I'm clutching my sides from reading a whole week's worth of laughs in one hour!!
On a more serious note, I pity you your neighbours. Why not tell them nicely? I live in a flat and my immediate neighbours are really nice folks and I'm lucky to have em.

Anonymous said...

Yea, i too think you should really talk to nicely to them bout this issue. Afterall its best to have good relationship with neighbours.

Cloudsters said...

Ooh, the spreading of bad smells would probably be too much for us, Mumsgather! Someone would have been read the riot act. Although...

as Enchanted & Iris suggest, maybe a softly-softly approach is best in neighbourly matters. For instance, we felt posting a photo of the clutter would have been too cruel.

Perhaps we will try the diplomatic route... thanks for suggesting that tack, folks!

Sydney said...

ugh... i know how much stuff kids tend to amass whether you want them to or not. we finally had to put a moratorium on large ride-on toys for our 3 year old. our back porch was starting to look like a parking lot/daycare center!

Cloudsters said...

Yup, we're going to be real selective about our purchases.
Anyway, it's the 'green' thing these days not to drive about in your own car, but to use mass transit: Maybe Sonny will have to sit on his high chair and make believe he's taking the train.